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     Water is so necessary for human living that nobody can live longer than a week without drinking water. About 110 billion gallons of water flow through Lake Eire each day. Ohio uses about 4% of that, 4.3 billion gallons per day, and among them, 530 million gallons are used for drinking in municipal water supplies and then returned to Lake Erie. (Richard Bartz, 1996 in the book "The Great Lake Erie")
According to the Ohio Lake Erie Commission's report of 1998, there are 31 lake-fed water treatment plants on Ohio's North Coast, and none of these plants has measured contaminants that exceed drinking water standards.
1. You want to know if tap water at your home is good enough to drink without any additional treatments like boiling. What factors should you consider to make such a judgement?
2. How is the water quality at your own state's water treatment plants?
1. Lake Erie water quality: Past, present and future.(free. FS-046) 
2. Lake Erie water quality during the 1970s and early 80's. (free. FS-040) 
3. Ohio's Areas of Concern. (free. FS-041) 
4. GL Solution Seeker CD-ROM: Water Quality Indicators

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Location and Relative Volumes of Lake Erie Raw Water Withdrawals - 1996

(from The Ohio Lake Erie Commission's report of 1998)

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